Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avd. Stats are Still a Better Tool than Conventional Statistics

• Est. de Avanz son una herramienta terriblemente eficiente
• Advanced Stats are a terribly efficient tool

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Yo, contrariamente a la mayoría aparentemente por aquí, considero que las estadísticas de avanzada del baloncesto moderno, son una herramienta terriblemente eficiente para evaluar jugadores que tu ves todas las noches, los de tu equipo, y son aún una mejor herramienta que las estadísticas convencionales para evaluar jugadores de los otros equipos, que tu no ves más de una vez o dos por año !

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I, apparently unlike most people here, I think the modern basketball advanced statistics, are a terribly efficient tool to evaluate players that you see every night, those of your team, and are still a better tool than conventional statistics to assess the other teams players that you do not see more than once or twice a year!

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  1. As a whole, players who take an appreciable amount of shots (Carmelo, Kobe, etc.) are mainly pondered as better players by the league and by sportswriters than the advanced metrics gurus. Kobe, for instance, was mentioned as the best player in certain game by the basketball advanced gurus and most players in that game but in the same game it was typically something that advanced metrics disagreed with.

    The great point of differentiation is that basketball advanced gurus and players appear to provide credit for hitting tougher shots, that it supplies value not in a New York minute easily noticed in the box score. Statisticians mostly seem to be discordant with that.

    There are other quarrels, but again, the most common players that statisticians and basketball advanced gurus discord on are volume shooters.