Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It Appears Like There Is Some Subjectiveness with the A.S.

• Dissimilar by Only One Singular Statistical Metric !
• Diferentes por Sólo Una Solitaria Métrica Estadística !

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... just wondering, but how do advanced statisticians arrive at conclusion about which categories they assigned individuals as ? It gives the impression that there would be some players that completely challenge basketball advanced metrics or are constantly boosting their game ... !

.. for instance, what made advanced statisticians categorize Kevin Durant as a cluster 2 player rather than a cluster 8 player ? Or else, which advanced stats makes KG a Cluster 13 ? It appears like there is some subjectiveness as to which cluster some players can be placed into, and also some correspondence between certain clusters, apparently being dissimilar by only one singular statistical metric !

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... sólo pregunto, ¿ cómo los estadígrafos avanzados llegan a la conclusión de cómo asignar las categorías que se asignan a los jugadores individualmente ? Da la impresión de que habría algunos jugadores que desafían por completo las métricas avanzadas de baloncesto o están constantemente mejorando su juego ... !

... por ejemplo, en qué se basan los estadígrafos avanzados para categorizar a Kevin Durant como un jugador del grupo 2 en lugar de un jugador del grupo 8 ? O bien, por qué las estadísticas avanzadas ubican a KG en el grupo 13 ? Parece como si hubiera alguna subjetividad en cuanto a en cual grupo algunos jugadores pueden ser ubicados, y también alguna correspondencia entre ciertos grupos, siendo aparentemente diferente por sólo una solitaria métrica estadística !

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  1. Some difficulties with PER projections: The projections are formulated by scouting equipotential players at the same age and how their stats became different in the subsequent season.

    For players in the majority of balanced ages, this is greatly trustworthy, but there have been so small number of players to become pro out of high school in the last twenty years that there is a very brief example to manage and analyze.

    At the same time, some players who arrive from the high school have demonstrated plenty of promissory notes in their coming years, innumerable have flailed helplessly and nevermore completely accomplished their complete potential.