Monday, April 23, 2012

The MVP IS NOT the Most Excellent Player in the League

• Best Player NOT Related to "Advanced" Statistics
• MVP NO está Relacionado con Estadísticas "Avanzadas"

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The mistake that is going on is the idea that the MVP is the most gifted player in the league or the most excellent player in the league.

That has never been the case. It has never been accorded based on PER, Win Shares, or any another "advanced" statistical metric.

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El error que se está desarrollando es la idea de que el JMV es el jugador más habilidoso en la liga ó el más excelente jugador en en campeonato.

Ese nunca ha sido el caso. Ello nunca ha estado relacionado o acorde con el PER, las Win Shares, o cualquier otra métrica estadística "de avanzada".

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  1. Kobe’s basketball advanced statistics aren’t axiomatically continually up that high, so lots of these statistics advanced analysts just don’t dash if what they do without exception is look at their computers during the entire day that he really is that skilled, which they’re advanced stats don’t frequently say.

    I don’t comprehend how each and every one could think that people playing at World of Warcraft are honest by chance believable. I look at their website just for the beguilement from time to time. Very nearly every article is without any value. They build their entire findings off of one stat: Wins Produced (WP), and it’s not that adequate of a basketball advanced statistic in the beginning ...