Saturday, July 14, 2018

Strengths and Limitations of Advanced Basketball Statistics

• "E de Avanzada" Pueden Ser Útil Como Complemento
• ”Advanced Statistics” Can Be Useful As a Supplement

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eBA Great DEBATE: Basketball Advanced Statistics OR / AND / WITH  Conventional Statistics... ! En su artículo discutiendo sobre los puntos fuertes y las limitaciones de las estadísticas de avanzada del baloncesto, David Friedman abarca una serie de aspectoa, pero tal vez nada lo resume más en concreto que el siguiente extracto:

"...Las "estadísticas avanzadas de baloncesto" pueden ser útil como complemento a los tradicionales datos del cuadro de las estadísticas y las observaciones de los escouters entrenados y entrenadores, pero algunos "gurús de las estadísticas "(y sus aduladores de los medios) hacen un flaco favor a su causa al exagerar el significado y la fiabilidad de sus datos (sospecho que los investigadores legítimos en las estadísticas del baloncesto se estremecen cada vez que leen Uno de las tendenciosas diatribas de Henry Abbott )"

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On his article debating the strengths and limitations of advanced basketball statistics, David Friedman puts on a number of aspects but possibly nothing summarize more specifically than the following excerpt:

“”Advanced basketball statistics” can be useful as a supplement to traditional box score data and to the observations of trained scouts/coaches–but some “stat gurus” (and their media sycophants) do a disservice to their cause by overstating the meaning and reliability of their data (I suspect that legitimate researchers into basketball statistics cringe every time they read one of Henry Abbott’s biased, tendentious rants)”

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  1. One of the awkwardest things to measure in basketball is the worth of individual defense. The eyeball examination can now and then be as trustworthy as statistics here, but it can also tease you all the same. As we know, “intensity” doesn’t necessarily is even with good defense.

    The regular blocks or steals per-game numbers are also very misinforming — a good help defender can capture tens of deflections while being a weak man-D and/or rotation-D defender, and no one in their soundness of judgment would allege a steals leaderboard regular player of being a stupendous defender. Even the player who regularly is ahead of the stats in steals, is something more a gamester than an actual lockdown defender as many assume when looking around the numbers.

    Having a biased idea of a player’s abilities due to the regular accepted old school overloaded box score of statistics, or an excelling analyst’s opinion, can then distort the viewer creating a bias in the mind’s eye.

    Because individual defense is so challenging to quantify in basketball we often take for granted and frees from responsibility for particular plays or players. Respectability often manage masses, single spectacular plays bring in new contracts...

    Unsimilar on offense, there is no one place to go to get a adequately absolute defensive feel of a player — it really travels to a few different sites before we have adequate information assimilated to even begin getting an precise feel for a player on the D end that we can then take with us to the game.