Sunday, May 13, 2012

What They Do is Look at their Computers During all the Day

• Se Trata de una Estadística Avanzada no muy Adecuada
• Not that Adequate of a Advanced Stat in the Beginning

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Las métricas de las estadísticas avanzadas de Kobe no están necesariamente siempre en alta, por lo que no logro entender a muchos de estos tipos de las estadísticas avanzadas, si lo único que hacen es mirar a sus computadoras durante todo el día para constatar que él realmente es tan bueno, lo que las estadísticas avanzadas no dicen a menudo.

No sé cómo alguien puede pensar que las personas que juegan en World of Warcraft son ni remotamente creíbles. Miro a sus sitios web sólo para la diversión de vez en cuando. Casi todos los artículos no sirven para nada. Ellos basan sus conclusiones casi exclusivamente en todo un dato: Victorias Producidas (WP ~ Wins Produced), y justamente se trata de una estadística avanzada no muy adecuada, por empezar ...

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Kobe’s basketball advanced statistics aren’t axiomatically continually up that high, so lots of these statistics advanced analysts just don’t dash if what they do without exception is look at their computers during the entire day that he really is that skilled, which they’re advanced stats don’t frequently say.

I don’t comprehend how each and every one could think that people playing at World of Warcraft are honest by chance believable. I look at their website just for the beguilement from time to time. Very nearly every article is without any value. They build their entire findings off of one stat: Wins Produced (WP), and it’s not that adequate of a basketball advanced statistic in the beginning ...

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  1. I understand the battle of scouts vs. statisticians as really a subject matter of process vs outcome. Let me explain it in this way...

    If you want to be aware if if Kobe Bryant is being successful, you'll look at his statistics sheet. But, on the other side, if I want to be cognizant of the way to stop Kobe, or how to improve Kobe's yield, or what type of player might best complement Kobe, you'd ask a scout, correct ?

    And nothing to add about the connection between the gurus 'Advanced Stats' great lies and their high salaries paid by managers who do NOT understand a simple basketball statistical formula !