Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Roy Rana: Playing with Pace and Flow DVD
Convertir Más: Jugando con Ritmo DVD

Roy Rana Basketball Coaching
Score More: Playing with Pace and Flow
A Foundation For Success NEW DVD!

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Roy Rana Entrenamiento del Baloncestro
Convertir Más: Jugando con Ritmo y Circulación
Un Fundamento pra el Éxito NUEVO DVD!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

David Johns Says: Many New(ish) NBA Stats Contain Flaws

• Final: un Humano de Carne y Hueso Debe Analizar Datos
• In the End a Flesh-and-blood Human Must analyze data

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El Sistema eBA de Análisis Creativo de las Estadísticas del Baloncesto
Una bien escrita y bien concretada investigación por David Johns en Slate muestra que muchos de las nuevas (o renovadas) estadísticas de la NBA contienen defectos. Él dice: "El auge de los todo-en-uno cuadros de estadísticas avanzadas puede estar en realidad detrás de nosotros, los entrenadores califican a sus jugadores, sus puntos fuertes y débiles, con el uso de los servicios que trozan pilas de vídeos de partidos hasta transformarlos en vídeos digeribles ...

Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

... pero al final un humano de carne y hueso debe sentarse y analizar con sus ojos los detalles de esa cinta. " Opiniones?

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A well-written, well-researched piece by David Johns at Slate shows that many new(ish) NBA stats contain flaws. He says “The heyday of the all-in-one advanced-box-score stat may actually be behind us; coaches now chart players’ strengths and weaknesses using services that slice up piles of game film into digestible pieces ...
Coaching DVDs at Championship Productions

... in the end a flesh-and-blood human must sit there and fix his eyeballs on the tape.” Thoughts ?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Basketball '41 Zone Play - "Stack"'
El '41 Jugada contra Zona - "Stack"'

The Basketball '41 Zone Play - "Stack"'

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El '41 Jugada contra Zona - "Stack"' en Baloncesto

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Basketball Offensive Philosophy
Filosofía del Ataque en Baloncesto

All Access Basketball Practice with Cuonzo Martin 2-Pack
Disc 1: Basketball Practice
and Offensive Philosophy NEW DVD!

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Acceso Total a la Práctica de Baloncesto
con Cuonzo Martin ~ 2-Pack
Disco 1: Filosofía de Práctica
y Ataque en Baloncesto NUEVO DVD!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Drew Hanlen: Pure Sweat Basketball Skill Development

Drew Hanlen: Pure Sweat Basketball Skill Development DVD

• Learn how to turn open gym practices into a player development factory
• Learn how to use competitive practice drills to enhance toughness
• Teach your players to deliver passes under pressure and off of penetration
• Learn how to use competitive shooting drills to improve player focus and work at a game-like pace

with Drew Hanlen, NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant;
CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball;
has helped more than 25 NBA players
including David Lee (Warriors) and Bradley Beal (Wizards);
Head Skills Coach for the Reebok Breakout Challenge

Offering open gym during the summer months is not enough to build your team for the upcoming season. Drew Hanlen, widely considered one of the best young skill development trainers in the game today, takes you through a detailed workout that will help advance your team's skill level. Coach Hanlen has worked with all levels of players, from youth to the NBA, and this video shows development drills used by both.

In this presentation, Coach Hanlen covers 150 teaching points featuring both individual and team drills for dribbling, passing, defense and, most importantly, shooting. He shows how many of the drills can be adapted to make them more enjoyable and competitive for players. To get the most out of this session, the drills combine various game aspects such as the use of a variety of screens. In addition, in many of the drills, communication is required for the drill to work.

The dribbling series, which includes a conditioning component, features drills that teach players game-like moves. Two excellent drills for teaching how to deal with and play through contact while dribbling are Own the Spot and the Four Zones. These drills help build players' ability to dribble around the most intense defenders. Players learn how to maintain control of the ball while getting bumped under tight pressure or when attacking the rim.

Coach Hanlen moves on to effective, and efficient passing and shooting drills that incorporate the use of pin down screens. With good technique and smart reads of the defense, any player can get open looks coming off of pin down screens. Coach Hanlen dissects the elements of proper shooting, discussing five key teaching points that will dramatically improve players' shooting percentages. He shares various bad shooting habits he has seen and then shows the drills he uses to correct them. These drills will create a game-like situation throughout your practice.

Develop your defensive technique through a series of competitive defensive drills that maximize your ability to teach great on-ball defense. Coach Hanlen moves through post defense and post development and ends with individual development that incorporates various, previously taught skills.

The final segment features a great full-court team drill that combines catch and shoot, outlet passes, passing, and 1-on-1 rebounding and keeps players constantly moving.

This outstanding skill development presentation is filled with valuable drills and numerous teaching points that all coaches would find beneficial. Make your program better today, and for the future, with Drew Hanlen's skill development workout.

74 minutes.

Read the Full Review with the Full Live Footage
and download he drills here:
Drew Hanlen: Pure Sweat Basketball Skill Development

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